Fine Art

Oil Paintings in Niamh Curry Studio Kilkenny
Portraits in Niamh Curry Artist Studio in Kilkenny City

Welcome to Niamh Curry Art

Niamh Curry is a visual artist based in Kilkenny, Ireland. Working mainly in oils Niamh loves to paint subjects that peak her interest, paying attention to form, light, shadow and colour. Niamh mostly works with oils and charcoal. She has a passion for portraiture and figurative work and has recently developed a keen interest in still life painting, focusing on objects that spark memories and connections. She also enjoys abstract art and has started to incorporate both abstract and traditional style painting in her work, playing around with light, colour and form, exaggerating shadows to create interesting shapes and compositions. Niamh has exhibited all over Ireland and her works are held in private collections both nationally and internationally.

“Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” - Paul Klee

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